Manele Rock Gold Guitar

V-aţi gândit vreodată cum ar suna cele mai populare melodii Rock dacă ar pune maneliştii noştri mâna pe ele? Nu? Eu da, şi uite ce mi-a ieşit:

  • Sweet brother o’ mine” – Guns N’ Knives
  • Cut my enemies into pieces” Pappa Boss Roach
  • Loosing my mercedes” – R.E.M.
  • W0onderw@ll” by Hoa$$y$$$$$$
  • The Phantom of the ANAF” – Nightwish Millionaire
  • (I buy more) Satisfaction” – Rolling Sapphire
  • Smells Like full pockets” – Nirvana from America
  • We Are the Bosses” – Queen of Queens
  • Livin’ on a Prayer from Strehaia” Bon Jovi the Wonderful
  • Golden stairway to Heaven” – Led Zeppelin and Dan Badger
  • Another Brick for my castle” – Pink Floid and the band
  • Back in Neon Pink” – PG/FG(Partially Gold/Full Gold)
  • Hole Lotta Love” – Led Zeppelin and Dan Badger
  • Enter Dollar man” – Goldallica
  • Steal This Way” – Pipesmith
  • Countless, countless, countless Number of the Beast” – Iron Princess
  • Lust for Money” – Iggy Manele
  • Every Year You Take” – The Police
  • Romanian Shawarma” – Don McDristor
  • Tutti Frutti” – Adrian the Awesome Kid
  • Born to Get Rich” – Bruce Earring
  • Pour Some Euros on Me” – Def LeOppard

Cam atâtat deocamdată dragi ascultători, subsemnatul vă mulţumeşte şi, nu uitaţi, până data viitoare, „Like, Like, Like, Like, Like, Like, Like, Like, Like, Like, Likeeeeeeee! Se ştieeeeeee!