I don’t think so who cares if I exist? Illogical questions

I swear some people don’t use their brain when asking a question.

I was talking with someone on Skype about cell phones and this crap with the different size SIM cards. I was telling him I’m seriously thinking to change my phone but, if I do it, I should find an adaptor to change my nano SIM in a normal one. He, very candid, told me his problem is the totally opposite one: he needs to find an adaptor to turn his normal SIM, in a nano version. I burst out laughing, thinking it is a joke.
It took me several minutes to explain him, once I realised he’s serious, that it is physically impossible to shove something bigger in a smaller thing. It has nothing to do with technology, it is pure physical and logically impossible.

I’m not sure he understood though. I left him a little perplexed, muttering something about calling Orange to convince himself.

People! Do not be afraid to abuse logic.
Seriously, it is OK.
I mean, I know generally excesses are harmful, but I guarantee you that thinking, once you catch how to do it, it is not so bad.
I mean, it’s much less harmful than… let me think… Smoking! Yes, it is much less harmful than smoking. If you are able to smoke, then you can also try this thinking thing.

Thinking does not give a headache or cause any type of cancer.
You will not get Ebola or cirrhosis if you practice this exotic sport.
In addition, the advantages are endless, the most important being that you spare me the headache and embarrassing moments.

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